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Cleaning Service Pricing


Chemicals Only

  • Includes: Chlorine Tablets, Muriatic Acid, Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cynauric Acid, and Clarifier


  • Adjust pH and Chlorine Levels


  • Check Alkalinity


  • Notification of any Equipment Problems


  • An emailed service log will be emailed to you with what chemicals are added and tasks performed as well as a picture

Play Pool  - $65

Diving Pool - $70

One Time Service

This is for Realtors and those who just want a great looking pool to show to potential buyers.


  • Includes the Premium Service Routine


  • A detailed checklist is done with all Equipment associated with the pool to assure the Pool/Spa is in great condition

Starting at $100

Acid/Chlorine Wash

Great for killing Algae (Chlorine) or removing stains (Acid).


  • Pool is skimmed and drained


  • Pool walls and floors are then cleaned


*Recomended late fall, winter, early spring to prevent damage to the pool

Play Pool - $350

Diving Pool - $450

add $25 for spa

Play Pool - $90

Diving Pool - $100

add $5 for Spa

Basic Service


  • Includes the Chemicals Only Package... PLUS


  • Brush pool's/Spa's/Fountain's walls and stairs.


  • Skim debirs off Pool's/Spa's/Fountain's surface


  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets


  • Backwash Filter as needed


  • Clean Salt Cell quarterly



Filter Cleaning

For D.E. (Diamataceous Earth) and Cartridge Filters


  • Filter is disassembled and the grids are inspected for rips and tears


  • Grids are cleaned thoroughly


  • D.E. is added to D.E. filters


*New Grids are at an additional cost

$80 Per Filter

Calcium Removal

Calcium Lines... Everyone has them, its a part of owning a pool.


  • Pool is drained a few inches

  • Calcium is blasted off via soda beads with pressure washer and venturi system

*Recomended to have pool drained every 2-3 years to help prevent calcium accumulation in the water

$5 per linear foot

$350 Mininum

Premium Service

  • Includes the Chemicals Only and Basic Service Packages... PLUS


  • Vacuum Pool's floor


  • Brush Tile (Does not include calcium removal)


  • Wash off cool deck and clean restrooms (*Commercial Accounts only*)



Play Pool - $110

Diving Pool - $120

add $5 for spa

Green Pool


This is for those who have been attacked by algae.


  • Filter is backwashed (Cartridges are cleaned)


  • Pump settings changed to run 24 hours


  • pH is balanced just right


  • Liquid Chlorine and Coppercide is added


  • Phospate Remover is added


  • Skim/Brush/Vaccum dead Algae


  • Filter is backwashed (Cartridges are cleaned)


  • Pump settings are set back to normal operating settings (6-8 hours a day)


  • Alkalinity, Chlorine, pH are all balanced and checked to prevent another onset


  • Class I indicates a new onset of algae (within 1 week).  Class II indicates a heavy algae presence normally from a few weeks to months.

Class I - $150  Class II - $300


If you require a cleaning service that is not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you in any way that we can! Prices will vary from pool to pool, and by the severity of the service needed.  *Filter Cleanings ($80), Phospate Remover ($38), and Liquid Chlorine ($4) will be an additional charge.  All chlorine tablets, muriatic acid, soda ash, and clarifier is included with weekly service.

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