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How do I make a payment?


How do I make a payment?


We accept whatever works best for you.  Whether it be a check in the mail, a monthly autopayment (for monthly serviced customers), bill pay through your bank, or through email (invoices can be paid through the emailed invoice via the Pay Now button).

What is the best method to contact you?


What is the best method to contact you?


During normal business hours any method of contact works.  Normal business hours are 9-5 from October-April and from 7-3 May-September.  We can be contacted via Call or Text at (480) 359-9042 or emailed at 


After business hours and weekends Text or Email works best.  We try our best to respond within 2 hours.

What services do you offer?


What services do you offer?


Radiance Pools is a Service and Repair company.  We offer weekly service, single time cleans, pool drains, acid/chlorine washes, filter cleaning, tile cleaning, and green pool clean-up.   We also do all equipment repairs.  Whether it be a rebuilt pump, or new variable speed pump install, plumbing repair, filter replacements, pool and spa lights, pool cleaners, pop-up systems, salt chlorinators, and control systems.  We do not do pool builds or remodels. 

What is your recomended weekly service?


What is your recomended weekly service?


We recomend our basic cleaning package.  This includes all brushing, netting, chemicals (chlorine tablets, muriatic acid, soda ash, and clarifier), emptying skimmer and pump baskets, and periodic maintenence items such as lubing up gaskets and backwashing the filter (D.E. and Sand).  Vacumming is not included, but is included in the premium service package.

How often should my pool be serviced?


How often should my pool be serviced?


Your swimming pool should be servviced once a week at all times.  This ensures that nothing major happens to the water chemistry or pool equipment.  Leaving a pool unchecked for 2 weeks can be a recipe for disaster even if the previous visit checked out perfect.  A pool can turn green in a matter of days in the summer, and about a week in the winter months.  A pool pump can overheat and seize up in about a week with inadequate water flow.

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How often should my filter be cleaned?


Firstly, check which kind of filtration system you have.  If you have a sand filter (oval shaped) you simply backwash the filter every 2 months, mayber more in the dusty summer months.  If you have a D.E. filter you must open the filter and clean the grids off every 6 months, or twice a year.  In addition, since it filters out finer particles, it must be backwashed every 2 months as well.  If you have a cartridge filter it must be opened and cleaned every 6 months as well.  There is no backwashing a cartridge filter.  We service all filter types.

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How many hours should my filter pump run?


The general rule of thumb for filtration time is 1 hour for every 10 degrees in temperature.  The winter time a good amount of time to run your filtration pump is 6-8 hours.  In the summer a good amount of time to run your filtration pump is 10-12 hours.  Failure to run your filtration pump long enough can lead to cloudy water or even algae.  This is the second most important aspect to keeping a sparkling pool after having a clean filter.

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What pressure should my filter be at?


Pool filter pressure is the single most important thing to knowing the operation of your pool.  A good pressure to be at is between 15-20 psi.  You will know your starting pressure after cleaning your filter or installing new grids/cartridges.  If you have a in-floor cleaning system in line with your filter you will see an increase of about 10 psi to your clean pressure.  If the reading is near 0 during operation you have a blockage prior to the filter, or your pump is not priming.  Once your filter is reading plus 10 psi of your starting pressure it is time to backwash or clean your filter.

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What is a "in-floor" or "pop-up" cleaning system?

An in-floor or pop-up cleaning system is a method of returning water to the pool.  A in-floor cleaning system is a series of heads that pop up in a sequence distrubuting filtered water back into the pool.  The mechanism that controls the sequence is located near the rest of the pool equipment.  An in-floor cleaning system kicks dirt up from the pool floor and suspends it in the water so it can be filtered out via the skimmer or pool drain.  An in-floor cleaning system also can decrease chemical usage by up to 33%.

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What is a suction-side cleaner?


A suction-side cleaner is ideally the opposite of a in-floor system.  While the in-floor is a pressure side cleaner, a suction-side cleaner is exactly what it says it is.  It is either hooked up to a dedicated suction port or through your skimmer port.  There are many versions of these cleaners, but the two most popular is the Zodiac Baracudda and the Hayward Navigator.  The Pool Cleaner is also another popular cleaner.  These work great in a dusty state as Arizona as they keep the pool floor clean from all debris.

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