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Upgrade Specials

Have a leaky or squelling pump?  Is your filter leaking, not holding pressure, or not filtering your water properly? Is your salt system not chlorinating your pool, and properly sanitzing your water?  Are your pop-up cleaning heads not functioning properly?  Or maybe your suction floor cleaner is stuck or not working properly?  Have a pool heater/heat pump not doing its job?  Or maybe some of the pool automation isn't working properly (controls, lights, time dials, other electronics)?  Contact us and we will take care of any of these problems and do a full-system check for that peace-of-mind! 

We offer various specials on Upgrading your pool system!  This is for those of you wanting to switch to a salt system, a higher efficiency pool pump, or add a heater/heat pump to their existing setup.





Below are our Pentair Upgrade Specials for the 2016 year. 

Here is a  list of parts that we take care of:

  • Sand Filters

  • Cartridge Filters

  • D.E. Filters

  • Motors

  • Pumps

  • Salt/Saline Systems

  • Ozonators

  • Mineral Packs

  • Gas Heaters

  • Heat Pumps

  • In-Floor Cleaning Systems (All Makes)

  • Suction Side Pool Cleaners   •Hayward Navigator


      •Kreepy Kraulers

      •Pool Sharks, Etc

  • Plumbing Leaks

  • Pool Controls (Automation)

  • Pool and Spa Lights

  • Auto Fills

  • Time Clocks

  • And MORE!!

Maybe you want to upgrade your old setup.  Equipment generally last between 5-10 years.  Remember these systems are running on average of 8 hours a day, everyday.  On average a car is only driven 30 minutes a day.  We only wish our cars would last 70+ years!


But there are some bennifits to upgrading your system!  Most people still have a single speed pump.  There is a lot of wasted electricity in these systems.  Arizona Law requires the installation of Variable Speed Pumps which are a great investment, and generally pay themselves off over a few years by saving you on your electric bill.  Also, maybe you have a cartridge or DE (diamatacious earth) filter.  We generally recomend switching to a sand filter, because they dont have filters that need to be cleaned/replaced, and a simple backwashing will clean out the filter. 


Also heaters are becoming more efficient and emmit less NOX, beniffiting you and the environment.  We recomend Pentair products when replacing/upgrading your system!  Pentair products come with a 1 year manufacture warranty, to protect you from faulty equipment.

  Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump


Installed for only $1099* (Cost after SRP or APS rebate)

*Additional plumbing may increase cost

  Pentair IntelliChlor Salt System (Complete)


Installed for only $1199* (*Cost for Power Cell and Chlorinator)

      Pentair MasterTemp Pool/Spa Heater


   Installed for between $1999 - $2699* (*Range of 200k-400k BTU)  **Price does not include Gas Line Installation.**





Old System - Jacuzzi Triclops Cartridge Filter with Jacuzzi Magnum Single Speed Pump

New System - Pentar TR100 II Filter with Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump

Original WhisperFlo Motor with Noisy Bearings

Broken Conduit Piece can cause an Electrical Short

Refurbished WhisperFlo Motor with New Bearings

Repaired Conduit Piece will prevent an Electrical Short

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