Should I Switch to a Salt Water System?

This is probably the number one question amongst home owners that use the traditional chlorination system. Should I switch to a Salt Water System. The answer really depends!

The only negative that we come across using a Salt Water System is that the initial installation cost, as well as the cell replacement cost. Any pool can be switched to a Salt Water System in a matter of hours. The cost is usually ~$1,000. This includes both the "brain" and the "heart". This being the power control module and the salt cell itself. Even with proper maintanence the cell should be replaced every 3-5 years. These cost ~$500 on average.

Now onto the positives. And there are plenty! First and foremost lets get this out of the way. A Salt Water System, still produces chlorine. The salt cell ionizes the NaCl (Salt) into HOCl (A form of Chlorine). Salt water pools only require a chlorine level of 0.5-1.0 PPM, as opposed to 2.0-4.0 ppm for pools using chlorine tablets. Along with this, is the need for certain chemicals such as soda ash, algaecides, and shock. All these chemicals are just ready to cause problems such as dry skin and eye irritation. Finally, pools with a properly working Salt Water System, greatly reduces the chance of Algae from ever forming because your can easily control stabilizer levels (A low stabalized pool allows chlorine to burn off in sunlight and allow algae growth, and a high stabalized pool prevents chlorine from working efficiently as its binding too strongly with the water.)

So there it is. We tried not to go to much into detail, as it can get complicated. But, we always recomend the switch to a Salt Water System as it makes the pool much more inviting, and ultimately is becoming more and more popular amongst people. You spent $25,000 on your pool, why not spend $1,000 on the water quality?

We will install it for $1,099 (for weekly serviced customers) today!