Pool Water Level and Devices to Manage It.

Its approaching the season of swimming and mass evaporation. So an important topic to discuss is proper pool water level. All swimming pools today are constructed with water level in mind.

If you have a newer pool (even some older pools) chances are you have what is called and Auto-Fill device. Theres usually a 2nd or 3rd skimmer lid/plastic lid somwhere around your pool. Underneath you will see a little plastic flotation attached by an arm. When your water level drops it opens a valve to fill your pool with water, and then closes once it reaches a certain height.

You wake up in the morning and see your pool overfilled with water. To the point it's flooding your backyard. Chances are, your auto-fill has broke. Over time the metal on the auto-fill begins to weaken, and eventually break at the joint. (Usually held by a pin, or screw) Once this happens the auto-fill remains open and continuously allows water to enter the pool. Sometimes the float plastic weakens and cracks allowing water to enter. The float will sink mimicing a pool with a low water level. Because of this, the auto-fill also remains open!

If you have and auto-fill that has gone bad, please turn off the water to the auto-fill (usually the lever on the house nearest to the pool) and contact us to replace your old auto-fill.

Now for those of you who do not have an auto-fill. If you have an older pool chances are you are filling it by a hose once or twice a week to maintain a good water level. For those of you doing this, DO NOT allow the water to receed below the skimmer inlet. This will cause your pump to burn out. Anyways, for those of you who are filling with a hose, there is a solution. They have an above ground auto-fill that attaches to a hose and can be set on the ledge of your pool. This does the exact same thing as a traditional auto-fill. Please contact Radiance Pools if you would like to have an above ground auto-fill set up on your pool.

The last setup that you could have is a in ground fill. This is like an in-ground auto-fill without the actual auto-fill. Basically there is a lever on one of your water lines on your house, nearest your pool that controls the line to your pool. Our customers that have this, we usually turn the valve at about 5-10% to allow a trickle at all times. Since we service the pools weekly, we can adjust as needed. (More evaporation/splash in summer, than in summer).

So there you have it! And remember. A good water level in your pool is right smack dead center of your skimmer inlet.