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Pentair Intelliflo VSF for $1495 Installed

How does it save?

Single Speed Pump (1hp to 2hp)

  • An average single speed pump uses between 1720 and 2250 watts per hour every hour for an average of 8 hours per day.

  • This equates to around $650 to $850 a year in electric to operate just your pool pump.

Pentair Intelliflo VSF (3hp)

  • The Pentair Intelliflo VSF will never surpass 1400 watts per hour and usually is dialed in to around 1100 watts per hour for its cleaning cycle (2-4 hours).

  • The real savings are in the "filtration" cycle where we run the pump for 10+ hours at a lower rpm that uses only 100 watts per hour and moves 1/3 the water.

  • That means in those 10 hours you use only 1000 watts and move the same amount of water as the single speed pump would using 5000-7500 watts. 

  • This equates to between $150-$250 a year in electric.

What does this all mean with solar?

  • Your solar installation was sized to generate "X" amount of kW a day.  The Pentair Intelliflo VSF saves the average customer 8-12 kW a day in power!


Radiance Pools has teamed up with FOR Energy to help you get the most out of your new solar by offering the Pentair Intelliflo VSF Tradegrade with 3 year warranty for only $1495* Installed (Regular price $1595)


*Installation includes 2 high temp unions and all basic plumbing.  If needed or required, the following are an addtional charge: 4' or 6' wire whip ($35), jandy valve ($65), equipment pad ($70).

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